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The high heel shoe, reimagined!

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Image above is a possible design direction only. 

Meet the future of fashion footwear. 

We tore apart existing high heels and reengineered it from the inside out. The Breaking Heels shoe adjusts from a 4-inch heel to a ¾ inch wedge with the push of a button. 

Breaking Heels seeks to eliminate the need to carry two pairs of shoes by developing a two-in-one – a shoe that can serve as both a flat and a heel, when needed, without compromising style, fashion, or comfort.

We deliver a double-bottom line to our customers: innovation in footwear, comfort and style, and the opportunity to directly contribute to a social cause.

We’ll share behind the scenes on our design process and production of our convertible high heels. You’ll also be the first to know when open up for pre-sale later this year! We promise not to annoy you with a ton of email, but of course if you want more info, there are also our social media channels. 

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Our uppers (the aesthetic portion) are designed and sewn in such a way that the design/fit will move with you and not distort when changing heights. 

A strong push on the button in the back of the shoe (conveniently in the shape of our logo) releases the bottom portion of the heel. 

Technical drawings only. Debut design and colors coming soon. Image does not reflect actual colors. 

 BH Technical Drawing


Breaking Heels Anatomy

The non-skid purple rubber sole and cushioned instep assure comfort with each step, so you can wear Breaking Heels all day, every day. The thick padding of the sole and wedge ensure a safe and comfortable heel strike.

If you're wondering what kind of styles we plan to launch, we have you covered! When we’re ready to take pre-orders, there will be at least three styles to choose from! 


Our patent-pending architecture allows the arch of the shoe to adjust once the heel is in the low position for optimal pitch/curvature and comfort.


The heel rotates and is elegantly hidden inside the wedge sole. The wedge also helps redistribute weight and pressure, providing your foot with more support. 


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